Frederick Fox

Discover the true potential of your earnings with our revolutionary calculation tool that compares your current income to the projected earning growth after joining forces with Frederick Fox. Maximize your financial prosperity and secure a brighter future for yourself today.


Compare Last years W2 with the Calculator Take Home Pay to confirm inputs. If calculator and W2 are different, consider sitting down with your leadership to understand your commission plan & how the inputs above work

If the calculator is working, try playing around with what you could earn in your current model if you billed more and how much your employer would keep the more you bill!

If you have a tiered commission plan and you feel the calculator does not accurately portray your increase in earnings as you bill more, increase your Average Commission Percentage in calculators Above

Think about how much your employer is keeping and consider what Value they bring you. Is the value worth it to you on how much your employer is keeping? Could you do the work without your mid tier manager?