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Frederick Fox is a “dog help dog”, peer-to-peer platform of high-achieving, veteran agency recruiters. Our model attracts like-minded individuals that want to be independent but don’t want to be alone and don’t want to be distracted by “back office” activities.


We are a team of experienced professionals joined together by a shared passion for exceeding client expectations.


You receive the highest commission-based comp in the industry, the best tools, and the coaching to fully leverage them.

We Deliver

We have a Partner Program that allows you to build your own subsidiary.

Frederick Fox Calculator

Discover the true potential of your earnings with our revolutionary calculation tool that compares your current income to the projected earning growth after joining forces with Frederick Fox. Maximize your financial prosperity and secure a brighter future for yourself today.


Compare Last years W2 with the Calculator Take Home Pay to confirm inputs. If calculator and W2 are different, consider sitting down with your leadership to understand your commission plan & how the inputs above work

If the calculator is working, try playing around with what you could earn in your current model if you billed more and how much your employer would keep the more you bill!

If you have a tiered commission plan and you feel the calculator does not accurately portray your increase in earnings as you bill more, increase your Average Commission Percentage in calculators Above

Think about how much your employer is keeping and consider what Value they bring you. Is the value worth it to you on how much your employer is keeping? Could you do the work without your mid tier manager?

The Frederick Fox Advantage

In our model, you are your own boss. You decide on your own lifestyle and where and when you want to work. But at the same time, you are not alone because there is collaboration and scalability with other team members. Our “dog helps dog” culture allows you to maximize your results.

You Can Build an Asset

Our Partners own 50% of their business units within our umbrella. With about one third of the G&A costs and 5x the profit-sharing opportunity of our largest competitor, our Partners are in a superior position to earn profit from their group’s activities. Our Partners have the right to a distribution of 50% of the net earnings in their business on a quarterly basis.

The Best Commissions

Everyone says they have the best commissions, but we believe we are the only firm that has a path to 100% commissions. That’s right, you can earn anywhere between 50% and 100% commissions depending on your level of experience. In our model, junior recruiters start at 50% plus a draw or base

Discounted Tools

We utilize our business’ purchasing power to offer discounts on tools such as LinkedIn Corporate Recruiter, Zoom Info, ZipRecruiter, indeed, Seamless.AI, HireEZ, Seek Out, and many other high-end recruiting tools. We stay on the bleeding edge in tech support and offer a “Tools Buffet” that you can choose from to enter the recruiting battlefield.

High-quality healthcare, up to 60% savings.

Healthcare that is affordable gives you access to the doctors you want. 

  • High-quality health care that fits your budget and needs. 
  • Open enrollment – get started with a plan that suits you, at any time.
  • Available to anyone who is self-employed or a 1099 employee.

Branding & Marketing

We provide substantial marketing material to help you position yourself and land clients. While companies tend to work with the recruiter and not the recruiting company, Frederick Fox has a nationally recognized brand to support you breaking into mid to large enterprise businesses.We invest into social media campaigns, advertisements, marketing collateral and have the infrastructure backbone that your larger clients can trust.

Centralized Back Office

We have a centralized back office that supports contract administration, payroll funding, invoicing, opportunities for further training and development, IT support, marketing material, discounts on recruiting tools, and much more. Our Contracts App is also fully automated for our sales staff. We pay recruiters the same day that our clients pay Frederick Fox. You should never wait for your commissions, we don’t believe in “Pay Cycles”. You earned the money, you deserve it immediately.

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