October 2019

Frederick Fox was founded.

The vision was to rebuild the TEEMA model with a more equitable Partnership path. The design of the Frederick Fox model was to create a community model where independents earn 80% but then could scale to 90%, and then a pioneering 100% commissions in a Partnership path. Our Culture is a “Dog Help Dog Culture” Where independents can share in revenues, cost share, and infrastructure support services. The FF model was designed to only attract Senior-level Agency Recruiters who in turn deliver the highest service to our end clients.


The year of Spaghetti

Frederick Fox became more than a vision and a “single shingle” and became a revenue driving business when now Partner & joiner #1 Rob Thomas joined followed by now Managing Partner and joiner #2 Bill Spengler. This time is referred to as the “Bill, Will & Rob Show.” The firm focused on revenues but also established a core roadmap and strategic plan to build out the vision. During 2021, the firm went from 3- 10 members and from 24-100+ clients.


The year of Meatballs

After the year of spaghetti which involved rapid revenue generation and client acquisition, Frederick Fox turned to cost control and started to build its core infrastructure to support larger growth. In 2022, the firm went from 10 to 20+ senior level Executive Recruiters and added in-house contract staffing services. In this year, the business foundation and cost structure started to cement. In 2022, the firm turned cash flow positive and finished with 250+ customers in mid-market as well as 10+ enterprise level flagship customers.


The year of the Partner

Frederick Fox proved out the pioneering Partnership model with Rob Thomas and a pivotal hire in James Aiken, a now Partner in the firm. In 2023, Frederick Fox grew to 30+ recruiters and expands Master Service Agreements to include Contract Services. In addition, the firm strengthens marketing, onboarding, and all support services on the back end. Leadership introduces formal FP&A and acquires its 470th customer. 2023 solidified the business model for rapid growth.



Frederick Fox is off to a rapid growth phase with now 35+ senior-level agency recruiters with a Budget to becoming a reputable mid-market staffing brand. The firm is building additional Partners, and adding back office operating staff. Frederick Fox is expecting to double profit margins in 2024 while servicing over 500+ active clients with Master Services and Direct Hire Agreements. The firm is focused on niching down for repeatability, improving internal processes and workflows, and continuing to build brand recognition.  

Core Values

Accountable We Deliver.

Teamwork - Dog Help Dog Mentality- Our people are our #1 Asset and we know through data and experience that teamwork increases the results for everyone

Transparent & Honest - Transparency is revealing all that could affect the other person whereas honesty can be selective honesty but not truly reveal all information of concern to the other.

Solutions Orientation - We can find the problem in anything but problems are opportunities to find a solution. If we have a problem, complaining is counterproductive and we should rather seek to find solutions.

Our Culture

If you work at Frederick Fox, you will experience:

Congratulating and Cheering others on- We do a lot of shout-outs. If this makes you jealous or your competitive nature doesn’t like seeing others succeed, then we likely aren’t a fit

Moments of Woo with Rob Thomas- Every Monday, before we start our job order meeting, we have a section called “Moments of Woo” where the Zen Master Rob Thomas usually treats us to encouraging words of wisdom about our progress.

Making fun of each other- We have a lot of internal nicknames and we are at times on the HR borderline with how we share our appreciation for each other. For example, one of our coworkers likes to go by “McNasty” and we do call Will Hodges “Hot Guy”, and the Owner often thinks about how good Dylon Adame looks when presenting financial information.

Work Hard, Play Hard – Frederick Fox is a high growth start up scaling headcount every year. We have a team of only senior level veteran recruiters that want to deliver and experience serious results here, otherwise, they probably wouldn’t choose a model like ours. We all want to win and grow and be more profitable, but we also like to have fun and enjoy the time together.

Achiever’s Trips- Every year we do an all-inclusive result for our top sales people who hit the Achiever’s Trip annual milestones. In 2023, the milestone was 250,000 in Billing and in June 2024, many members of the team are going to Punta Cana for an all-inclusive island getaway

Partner Meetings- The Partners get together for business cocktails and dinners once a year in December. The Partners forecast and plan the costs and revenue growth desired for the following year. This year the Partners meeting was in Delray Beach, Florida

Tech-forward & Bleeding Edge-  We have a culture that adapts technology and pushes the boundaries on automation. If you aren’t comfortable in a constantly evolving business and want to be more process oriented and repeatable, we likely aren’t a fit. We tend to “break the tools” and blow things up attempting to be great.

The Eagle Mindset- If you work at Frederick Fox, you are tired of hearing about the Eagle Mindset. “When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter. The Eagle alone, avoids the storm by flying above it.”