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Frederick Fox Presents Our Guaranteed Quality Recruitment Program Exclusively For Financial Leaders

Only conduct interviews with candidates who are a perfect talent and culture fit – that show up ready to help hit your goals. You choose. Only pay after hiring!

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Frederick Fox Lets You

Bring in Financial Talent Made-To-Order, According to Your Specification

To The Executive,

It’s true…

It really has become increasingly difficult to find, hire, and retain top financial talent over the past several years. Even firms that were once highly attractive to the most talented people are finding it difficult to keep openings filled, and many retained recruitment agencies are becoming remarkably effective… At separating companies from their cash with little to no results, and even more time wasted.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Wasting time interviewing “candidates” who aren’t really serious about a transition
  • Running job ads that dump tons of unqualified candidates into your lap to review
  • Partnering with pushy and aggressive agencies who don’t understand your market
  • Hiring job-hoppers who just use you as a stepping stone to their next role
  • Attending time-consuming professional events and job fairs with nothing to show for it.
  • An altogether difficult, annoying, and frustrating experience with recruiting as a whole

If so, then Frederick Fox can help you experience a whole new level of recruiting success and control over your talent acquisition. Here’s how.

Guaranteed Quality Candidates

For Any Financial Position

Can you imagine all of your openings filled for the foreseeable future? What about staying ahead of your headcount forecast so you hire the right person right when you need them? What could your company do if you were consistently bringing in top talent? Imagine finally being able to pursue BIG goals with an engaged team of A-players.

Here’s how we do it

Cost-Effective Recruitment

We charge 25% of the base salary only upon successful hiring. No placement, no fee. It’s that straightforward.

Deep Industry Insights

Our team isn’t just well-versed in recruitment; we’re experts in every aspect of this industry. Your market, your niche– we’ve got them covered.

In-House Team vs. Our Specialists

While your internal team is formidable, our dedicated, commission-based recruiters bring an unmatched level of drive and focus to every search. They thrive on successful placements, ensuring you get the best talent without any delays.

Past Experiences Redefined

If previous agencies have left you skeptical, let us change that narrative. Our commitment goes beyond initial submissions. We’re here to see you through every step of the recruitment process.

Book a time in with James Aiken

Partner at Frederick Fox to see how we can create you your perfect employee!