Why Join Frederick Fox?

Will Spengler, Founder of Frederick Fox

In One Word, Freedom

Successful agency recruiters quickly learn that they are a profit center of their own. 

Most start to wonder what exactly they are getting paying a majority of their billings to the house.

Let’s say you are a top-performing recruiter and you billed $300k. In a decent industry model, you would take home $150k. . . 

(Some don’t even get that much.)

Often the professional will start wondering what the heck the $150k they are paying to the house actually got them. . .

  • A desk and a laptop in an air conditioned office.
  • Access to an applicant tracking system
  • Access to a few resume databases
  • Access to a LinkedIn Recruiter seat
  • A bi-weekly loan against their billings
  • Health insurance
  • Coworkers to collaborate and run splits with
  • A manager breathing down their neck every day

It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to start to wonder if they’re getting their money’s worth. 

Don’t you think you could pay a little less than $150,000 for that kind of support? 

That’s why Frederick Fox was established.

We were established for financial freedomschedule freedom, and career freedom

We have built a model that rewards senior recruiters with the most aggressive commission schedule on the market (80%+).

That same $300k that you billed earlier would ultimately end up being $240,000 in your pocket minimum

With offering the highest commissions in the industry, we don’t provide a base or draw.

(Although, there may be some day we offer the standard draw + 50% or base + 10% deal…)

We also have the infrastructure, tools, and network to make that trade off more than worth it. 

You’ll never have to overpay for your tools again – in fact, our model makes sure you get the best rates possible

On top of that, you have schedule and metric independence. 

No more constant check ins and pulse reading (unless you’re into that kind of thing).

Lastly, if you want to move into management, there’s nobody you have to wait on to retire or leave to make that happen. 

Here’s a quick overview of the business from Frederick Fox’s founder, Will Spengler;

Advantages of FF Over Standard Recruiting Agency

Higher commissions (80% vs 25-50%)

More control over promotion into management

Ownership of equity within your division

Work from home, no set hours, performance-driven environment

Ability to write off your business expenses

No territory lines or industry lines to cross (only current clients)

Advantages of FF Over Independent Recruiting

No operational caps, leverage production using our network

Standardized processes, marketing, and admin support

Centralized management of accounts payable

Opportunity to cross-sell current accounts within other divisions

Consistent job order workload at great fee percentages

Contests, collaborations, training, and much more support

Frederick Fox's Partner Program

Building a successful team is a whole different skill set from running a 360 desk. 

Balancing both is even tougher. 

That’s why our Partner Program provides profit sharing 5x the rate of our closest competitor.

Not to mention we are able to operate at a third of the administrative costs…

If you want to build equity in a line of business, we can help. 

Here's Your Opportunity. . .

If you’re ready to take control of your career, become more free, and earn more than you ever have before…

Let’s get introduced.

You’ll find one of our Partner’s Calendly links below.

Pick a time, and we can work together to learn if you’re a fit for the model.

If you are – we will build a road plan for your success, hand in hand.