“Old-School”​ Recruiting

“Old-School”​ Recruiting

“Old-School” recruiting is serving up new-school results right now in a climate where people are tired of being “dripped”, “funneled”, “Ad-Spend”, “tweeted” and “rained” on. The below article will walk you through Old-School Sourcing, Old-School Approach, and Old-School Results as it relates to recruiting. I hope this article is fun and informative!


“Old-School” recruiting provides an exceptional experience because it involves picking up the phone, developing long-term relationships and refusing to cut corners. Frederick Fox is grounded in the “old-school” fundamentals of personal service that create real relationships, repeat business, and candidate retention.

All Frederick Fox specialized recruiters graduate from Frederick Fox “Old-School”.

Old-School Sourcing:

● LinkedIn Premium Account

● Advertising the Job on Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Job Boards

● Sourcing Paid Resume Databases (Indeed, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, others)

● Internal Database and Referrals

● In-mailing, developing email blast lists.

Old-School Approach

● Thorough Client on-boarding and job order intake

● Personalized meeting of candidates an “Old-School” Interview

● An efficient interview process enhanced by trusted feedback loops

● A diligent old-school onboarding and post-hire follow up

Old-School Results

● Repeat Business

● Candidate STICKS!

● Long-term relationships are created

● Corner’s aren’t cut and an exceptional experience occurs

● Better candidates are sourced because old-school sourcing involves picking up the phone and actually connecting with people.

If you are interested in joining Frederick Fox or working with a specialized recruiting firm that provides “old-school” effort, contact William Spengler at wspengler@frederickfox.com. You can also visit our search firm at www.frederickfox.com