“New-School”​ Recruiting

“New-School”​ Recruiting

If you have been a talent acquisition professional in the last 18 months you have felt a change in the industry…

Technology, automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics have entered the arena and “old-school” recruiters are being forced to make adjustments fast to stay relevant.

See, “Recruiters” used to “just” only need to be skilled at being recruiters, therapists, career coaches, salespeople, research analysts, and HR professionals. (funny if you are a recruiter reading this)

Now, Recruiters must do all these things listed above as well as pick up skills as developers, data scientists, digital marketers, and authors to stay relevant.

In this article, I am going to break down “new-school” recruiting:

“New-School” recruiting provides an exceptional experience because the latest search technologies drive speed, depth, and accuracy into the hiring process. Here is some more on industry trends and technologies in “new-school” recruiting:

New-School Sourcing

  • LinkedIn Automation & Scraping
  • FaceBook Scraping Customized Audiences
  • Artificial Intelligence Sourcing & Matching
  • X-Ray, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics
  • Google & Deep-Web Bots
  • Drip Marketing & Funnel Automation

New School Approach

  • Client-Agency Brand Alignment
  • Client-Agency Content Alignment
  • People Analytics and transparent “Talent Mapping”
  • Video Interview Previews & Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Client-Agency Portal Interactions
  • DNA Alignment, Professional Narratives & Retention

New-School Results

  • Perpetual Recruiting Systems
  • Long-Term Brand & Content Alignment
  • Speed, Accuracy, Depth
  • A High-performance team hand-picked from your addressable market
  • A smoother, exceptional experience

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