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We are a team of experienced professionals joined together by a shared passion for exceeding client expectations, superior levels of compensation and a healthy, supportive culture. We are not a typical agency, we are an integrated, supportive community.


You receive the highest commission-based comp in the industry, the best tools (we constantly assess this), and the training to fully leverage them. We have a full and growing client base; you will have immediate income opportunities. We work to assure your success; we are honest and fully transparent.

We Deliver

You start with the highest commissions; we also have a track to partner that allows you to build your own subsidiary and hire your own team. On this you receive a substantial equity position that provides quarterly cash distributions and participation in any future sale. Our business model has been designed to offer the best long-term earnings potential in the industry.

Why Join?

“I know what my partner’s goals are, I know what my teammates goals are – and they know mine. Every morning I show up for everyone else’s goals, that’s the mindset here at Frederick Fox”


“Our experienced recruiters are energized by a business model that allows them the freedom to build their business while enjoying better compensation and the opportunity to earn ownership . The pooled talent of our community strengthens our collective interest and allows us to achieve our goals together. We are building a more engaged community by properly incentivizing our recruiters, responsibly managing our back office, and by building a brand with a strong market position.”


Let us help you to boost your career