Houston, It Is Time To Abort The Mission And Go “Old-School”.

Houston, It Is Time To Abort The Mission And Go “Old-School”.

The best agency recruiters know when it is time to abort the mission and press the “Old-School” Button.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, the staffing industry remains a $100 billion revenue industry and continues to grow despite efforts to shrink its influence. Instead, the emergence of tech solutions has actually reinforced the value of the recruiter rather than reducing it. Some examples of these new-school tools include AI matching & recommendation tools, web-scrapers, automation, click-funnels, dark web sourcing, etc. Most highly skilled recruiters are deploying their own “unique” recipe of tools that have proven to work for their clients. There seem to be new tools introduced weekly for different problems the recruiter faces, but these can also be a rabbit hole in disguise. The rabbit hole is deepened by tech companies across the globe entering the recruiting industry to offer solutions trying to solve a recruiter’s business development needs or candidate sourcing issues more broadly.

Agency recruiters in 2020 are teased with a lot of technical tools and options when deciding on their “tech stack” or what tools will make up their toolbox. It is easy to travel down the rabbit hole of new technologies in the recruiting space, both in business development and in actually placing candidates. Most of the best recruiters make it a mission to deploy the most cutting-edge tools and embark on “new-school” strategies.  In fact, there is a growing body of science around recruiting technology.  As great as these new technologies may be, the best recruiters still know it’s critical to identify when they are down the rabbit hole and need to press the “old-school button”.

Yes, Virginia, there is a certain point where the “Old-School Recruiter Button” is needed, and the best in the biz know when to press it. After a recruiter has exhausted every tool in the tool-box on a search and still not yielding the desired results, it is time to go old-school.

So, what does it mean to push that button and go old-school?

When the old-school button is activated, it means not using AI, web scrapers, automation, and all the “fancy” stuff to try to attract clients. What old-school means is going back to the basics of connecting with human beings? Here are the tried and true old-school ways of finding clients, let’s begin with business development:

  1. Picking up the phone and calling a company’s main line. The most effective old-school recruiters do not really need to know whom they are calling, they can get transferred by the receptionist to their target

  2. Showing up at a networking event and meeting people in person

  3. Collecting professional references and actually calling them to build their network – organically

  4. Writing a handwritten note asking for a referral

  5.  Meeting people in person at lunch and “asking around” for referrals

  6.  Old School recruiters find people, but not on social media

Now let’s turn to place a candidate:

  1.  Meeting with the hiring manager to understand the true job content

  2.  Asking the hiring manager to identify why the position is open

  3.   Talking with HR to understand company culture, which succeeds in their world

  4.   Engaging with top candidates to really understand their reasons for considering a new role

  5.   Being sure you really understand the specifics of the role before taking on the engagement, no amount of AI can overcome an inability to correctly set search parameters

At Frederick Fox, we believe in a combination of “Old-School efforts, New-School Technologies ™.” Providing the best service requires a balance between the old-school fundamentals and the application of new-school technologies. Amidst all the automation, funneling, dripping, etc. there is still exists a competitive advantage in the search business based on the personal old-school touch. As it relates to finding the best-fit candidates, only Old-School Effort + New School Technologies can lead to total market coverage and the best result for clients.